Can Sleep Deprivation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

sleep and impotence

Sleep deprivation is a common subject of discussion which is pertinent to medical science. Many men put up questions on different forums regarding the decline in their sexual health and have queried whether lack of sleep could be the reason for the downfall in their sexual service.

The relation between sleep issues and sex problems has been discovered in several scientific studies. In a journal of 2009 based on sexual medicine came up with a report which suggested that more than 70 % of males with Erectile Dysfunction or ED have started facing the sexual ailment after they suffered from one or the other sleep-related issue.

Scientific Fact That Proves Sleep Disorder Can Trigger Sexual Problems

Testosterone is the predominant hormone of the body which is responsible for sex drive in males. Studies suggest that sleep disorders like insomnia cause a dip in the levels of testosterone levels. It affects the endocrine system as well. Also, a low supply of oxygen to the arteries sometimes can be attributed to sleep deprivation. This causes impairment in the tissues of the penis. As a result, it takes away the vitality of the organ. And, the person starts to experience a lag in erectile ability.

When someone doesn’t get enough sleep, it also impacts the psychological health. It also weakens certain receptors of the brain which play a key role to release the sex hormones.

The astonishing fact is that lack of sleep doesn’t only impact the sexual health of men but also damages the influence the women’s genital arousal as well. A study on women’s sexual health, conducted by a University of UK suggested that women with insufficient sleep constantly complain about their painful experience during any sexual act. This happens due to insufficient vaginal lubrication, this natural lubrication only happens when a person’s endocrine system is healthy. Women with sleep-deprivation suffer from a weak endocrine system which causes a low level of libido and other sexual problems.

It has transpired through a study, that out of all the sleep-deprived people who suffered from sexual problems as well, when they chose some sleeping aids like sleeping pills to treat their sleep disorders and managed to acquire the restorative and sufficient sleep, their sexual health improved naturally over the time.

Remedies Which Treat Both Sleep Disorders And Sexual Disorders

Researchers have discovered that treating the sleep-related issue can restore the sexual health of a person as well. Sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction which is found to be premised upon sleep-deprivation in many cases can be treated easily if the root cause is eliminated.

For relief from a sleep-related issue like insomnia and other sleep disorders, doctors’ usually prescribe the following medicines:

•    Zopiclone Tablets—Zopiclone is a nonbenzodiazepine class of drugs which is a common hypnotic drug in the UK. It is a generic drug and works on insomnia with an onset of 20 minutes. Zopiclone tablets work for insomnia patient very well and induce up to 8 hours of sleep.

•     Ambien Pills— Ambien is another sedative-hypnotic drug which is effective in inducing sleep in patients of sleep-deprivation or insomnia. If you are someone you who is experiencing sleep problems, as well as sexual disorders, can buy Ambien pills to treat the sleeping-related issues, the successful treatment of sleep disorder naturally cures the sexual problem like a weak erection in most of the cases.

However, sleep problems and sexual problems are correlated, still, it doesn’t mean that if you manage to conquer your sleeping disorder, your sexual problem or disability will attenuate every time.

 In case, a problem like erectile disability persists for long, you can start the optimum dosage of one of the following anti-impotent drugs:

•    Kamagra—

Kamagra is a new ED drug in the pharmaceutical market of UK and US. It’s a perfect cheaper substitute for the popular Viagra. It consists of the same ingredient which is present in Viagra as well. Kamagra in UK is available on online pharmacies very easily. The FDA approved this drug and it’s extremely effective in improving the erection quality. With the onset of 15 to 20 minutes, the effect of Kamagra may last up to 8 hours on the penile erection.

•    Apcalis Jelly—

Apcalis jelly is an ED drug and a product of a reputed pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. This pulpy medicinal product consists of tadalafil. This is an ingredient that is the reason for the effectiveness of Cialis tablets on erectile dysfunction. A dose of Apcalis 20mg can do wonders in the sexual life of an ED patient. It helps a man to retain an erection for up to 30 hours. Apcalis is the cheapest alternative of Cialis in UK and is safe for use as well.