A Checklist For Erectile Dysfunction

ED checklist

Erectile Dysfunction or ED—a male sexual disorder which creates a negative resonance in the ears of a guy which gives ripples of fear in the man’s heart, just by talking about the medical condition. Commonly known as impotence, it is the inability of a man to achieve an erection in the reproductive organ, which creates a dead-end before the sexual life of a man.  However, even a sexually healthy man may fizzle out during a random lovemaking act but that sporadic failure can’t be deemed as a symptom for impotence or ED. But, if such failures in erections persist and each time a man doesn’t attain erectile despite the physical stimulations, then it might be menacing for the sexual health and the condition should be treated with utmost seriousness. So go through the checklist for erectile dysfunction below to figure out your chances of falling victim to the disease.

God forbid! If you are among those men who have already been diagnosed with ED then you might be taking those oral doses of sildenafil tablets or Kamagra tablets, as most of the doctors prescribe such medications as first-line treatment.

 But, if you still have your erectile abilities intact but the fear of this sexual disorder is making you pensive very often, then the following checklist can clear the clouds of doubt from your mind and can help you to conclude your sexual health

Mark the desired options in the following checklist for Erectile Dysfunction and find out if you are about to fall into the moat of ED or still some sexually active years to go:
Are you overweight?                                                                                                   Yes or No
Were you ever diagnosed with any of the health conditions?Diabetes
High cholesterol
 Kidney disease
High blood pressure
Spinal cord or nervous system disorders
Any type of pelvic surgery
Do you have the habit of using any of these substances?SmokeDrink alcoholUse recreational drugs
How often do you sweat it to shred it at the gym?Daily Once or twice a week
A couple of times a month
I never seem to get around to it
Do you feel stressed? If yes, then how often?Much of the time

Be honest to yourself while marking the above checklist for Erectile Dysfunction and then match your answers to the following information. This would help you to get a fair idea about your health condition and possibly, you would be able to conclude if you are about to be struck by the insidious effect of ED or your manhood is still safe for the years to come.

The following information is based on the scientific studies:
  • In medical terms, men with the Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 % are considered obese. Records suggest that men with the problem of obesity have 80 % higher chances of having Erectile Dysfunction (ED) than a man with a lean physique.
  • In most of the case studies of ED patients, the common causes behind the incapacitated penis include nerve damage and diseases which affects the blood flow in the human system. More than 90 % cases of ED have been reported due to restricted blood blow into the penile region.
  • Alcohol consumption, usage of recreational drugs and tobacco are all equally responsible for the damage of blood vessels that forms a barrier between the blood flow to the penile region, eventually causing ED.
  • Regular excise can improve the cardiovascular health of the body which helps in the prevention from a prevalent sexual disorder like ED.
  • Excess stress and anxiety have been caused as a major reason for temporary ED.

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

In case, if you haven’t got the awareness about this ailment on time and has been struck by ED already then don’t think that the sexual bliss is ruled out of your life. There are oral drugs available in the pharmaceutical market which are approved by the medical establishments for the treatment of weak or damaged erections.  If we about specifically about UK, Kamagra and Apcalis are two economical ED drugs which are prescribed by most of the medical practitioners. Kamagra is an ideal alternative to expensive Viagra in UK and the doctors have publically accepted the fact that Apcalis’s efficacy on ED is same as Cialis—the drug which is popular for its 36 hours long effect on erection. Cialis UK costs about £10 whereas Apcalis can be purchased through online drug stores at just over £1. So, even if you are suffering from the disturbing effect of ED, all you need to do is choose the right ED drug and your sexual life would be back on track again.