The Misbeliefs About Kamagra

kamagra misbeliefs

Several pharmaceutical traders and manufacturers of ED drugs have been circulating damaging statements about Kamagra over the last one year. However, the attempt of slandering the reputation of the drug Kamagra has not succeeded fully. But, the misleading negative words about the new ED drug have tarnished the credibility of the manufacturer Ajanta Pharmaceuticals to some extent. The misbeliefs about Kamagra are growing as the maligners group up and wage online war. They attempt to push this medicine out of the market which is causing a decline in their products’ sales.

Is Kamagra Legal In UK?

 This is a very controversial subject in the UK and distinct notions have been circulated over the internet about the legality of Kamagra in UK which is enough to confuse a person.

You must be aware of the fact that Viagra is available in the UK as an OTC drug now. Hence, one wouldn’t need a prescription in order to procure this medicine.

Now, the matter of discussion is—how Kamagra is different than Viagra—when the medical ingredients in both the ED medicines are exactly the same.

Therefore, if the composition is the same, you can’t tag a medical compound illegally. Even if it’s traded under a different brand name.

If we talk about the compliances, the manufacturer of this medicine, Ajanta Pharmaceuticals conforms to the FDA laws. They produce medicine under rigorous quality checks.

Is Kamagra Safe?

When the drug regulatory board FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves a brand of any pharmaceutical compound then it’s futile to doubt the credibility of it. Similar is the case with Kamagra, it goes through quality checks in the relevant department. The medicine is completely safe to use as long as the users abide by the instructions of the urologist.

Is Kamagra A Prescription Drug?

Absolutely not, this PDE5-inhibiting-drug is available online and there is no pre-condition to have a doctor’s prescription to buy the medicine. Just like Viagra in UK is available now Over-the-Counter, online suppliers too offer Kamagra without asking for a prescription.

 Can Kamagra Make You Last Longer In Bed?

There is this common misconception about ED drugs that they make you last longer in a sexual act. Also, there is a notion that men with the use of medicine like Kamagra or Viagra can have delayed ejaculation. However, these are nothing more than mere myths because it’s been scientifically proven that Sildenafil based drug can although enable a man to sustain an erection for a long time but it doesn’t affect the ejaculation.

A man affected by ED if takes this medicine can gain erection only with additional stimulation. The effect of the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate UK may last up to 8 hours in the system and with repeated stimulation, an individual can get multiple erections.

Is There Any Serious Side-Effect Of Kamagra?

Till date, there has been no serious side-effect officially registered for this medicine. However, frequent cases indicate where Kamagra users have experienced mild problems like nausea, diareahh, flushing etc. The cases published on the internet are to defame the drug and create misbeliefs about kamagra tablets.

Conclusion About Kamagra Rumours:

Kamagra in UK, is not an illegally traded medicine by any means. Despite the limited availability of the medicine still, it seems to be taking over a large share of the pharmaceutical market already. This is certainly becoming hard to digest for the manufacturers of other impotence drugs. This is the sole cause that is driving the other ED drug manufacturers to take an unethical route. And, they spread misleading information about this new age ED drug. The federal departments, when questioned about the credibility of this new sildenafil based drug, dismissed all the smearing remarks made for the drug and firmly stated, “Kamagra is 100% safe medicine.” Hence, this puts an end to the misbeliefs about kamagra.