A Dissection of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction UK

We already know how big of a role a pleasure sexual intercourse plays in any relationship. The fact is, it truly is broadly accepted as an organic portion of an intimate romance. A number of lovers from across the world get involved in this romantic action since they see it like a common matter that young couples do.

But we are all aware how some situations in our life can arrive totally unannounced and unexpected. One particular medical condition which impacts the life of couples, and especially that of males, is erectile dysfunction. It is a common problem which affects men of all ages across the globe.

How ED curtails love making act?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a male to obtain and maintain a satisfactory erection for a certain duration for sexual activity. While some men are not able to get hard for intercourse, others manage to get an erection but are unable to maintain the same during intercourse. When erection fades, then it becomes impossible for males to continue with intercourse.

Most of the men have sometimes failed to get it up during intimate sessions. In fact, the entire process of erection consists of a chain reaction of processes which is a bit complex to understand. The penis remains in a soft stage most of the time. It only gets “turned on” when it receives an adequate quantity of blood inside its chambers to become erect. When the penis fills up completely with blood, an erection takes place. The relaxation of the muscles of the penis enables the smooth flow of blood to the male reproductive part. When men are sexually stimulated, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released in the brain which sends a message to the male organ to start producing a chemical known as nitric oxide.

While nitric oxide erodes the levels of calcium, dopamine is responsible for boosting male libido. Nitric oxide expands the muscles of the penis for the increased flow of blood. Testosterone assists in the flow of blood to the male organ and is responsible for a functional and healthy sexual system.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction UK

Inadequate supply of blood to the penile region can result in ED

 Anything that impacts the flow of blood to the male organ can lead to erectile dysfunction. A fat rich diet can restrict the supply of blood leading to atherosclerosis. It is a disease of heart and blood vessels that leads to impotence.

Decreased production of Nitric Oxide can lead to erectile issues

Inadequate amount of nitric oxide (NO) in the body can lead to weak erection in men.  Nitric oxide is essential for getting hard behind closed doors. It relaxes the muscles that carry blood to the penile region for improvement in blood circulation. The production of Nitric Oxide usually decreases with age and contributes to weak erection.

Poor erection could be the result of psychological factors

Psychological factors contribute to around 10-20% cases of erectile dysfunction. Childhood abuse or sexual trauma can impact the performance of a person while making love to his partner. Stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, low self -esteem and indifference are some of the major psychological reasons which don’t enable men to make love to their partner.

Undue stress can make men soft in their shorts

Stress in any form – job related, financial, relationship issues and others can spoil the mood for intercourse. Countless men suffer from performance anxiety or fear of poor erection. In this condition, a person can feel guilty that he is not satisfying his partner.  Uncomfortable situations in marriage can also lead to depression. Loss of libido and failure to perform in front of partner are equally responsible for  suppressing erection process.

Injury or surgery to the body can lead to poor erection

Surgeries and injuries to the groin, circulatory and nervous system could be the reason of weak erection.  The removal of a testicular tumor could damage the nerve and muscles of the penile region and make erection difficult for males. Prostrate surgery or injury to the lower part of the body can also decrease the quality of erection.

Anatomical disorders can decrease the quality of erection

Anatomical problems can have a negative impact on erectile issues. Enlargement of the prostrate can restrict the supply of blood to the male genitalia and hinder the quality of erection. Venous leaks is a common cause of sexual disorder in which the male organ faces a lot of difficulty in retaining erection. While smoking can narrow down the arteries, excess consumption of liquor can damage nervous system and lead to hormonal imbalance. Excess smoking also harms the liver and leads to testicular shrink.

Other reasons of erectile problems

Addiction to alcohol and recreation drugs obstruct the circulation of blood and impacts the production of testosterone (male sex hormone). Old age, use of prescription medicines and surgical procedures can also reduce the quality of erection and deprive males from a normal sexual activity.

Emotional impact of erectile dysfunction UK

Coping with erectile dysfunction can be a difficult task for most of the males. Men mostly identify themselves with the size of the genitals. Their confidence, self -esteem and masculinity are all affected by erectile dysfunction. Impotence also leads to a situation called anticipatory anxiety. In this situation, the male plays the role of a mute spectator to view how he is performing during intercourse. This can interfere with the sexual activity and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction UK

By seeking the guidance of a certified professional who is trained in sex therapy, can assist men to resolve the psychological and emotional problems that may be leading to weak erection. Relationship counseling sessions from a knowledgeable expert can help men deal with soft erection and complicated issues associated with it. And lastly, ED can also be treated by taking an FDA endorsed medication called Kamagra Tablets.